Our team


MUDr. Olga Janovská
and her daughter Victorie Janovská


BcA. Ján Nemec

Ballet plays a fundamental role in my life. It has accompanied me since my childhood, when I entered the conservatory. As a professional dancer, I had the opportunity to portray many beautiful roles on the stage of the National Theater. Thanks to my love of ballet, I am active within the field to this day, as a teacher of dance. Because of this, dance has had a place in my life for 42 years so far.

When I am teaching, I consider it essential to not only pass on my experience as a professional dancer, but also to raise educated spectators and awaken a love of the art within them. Ballet is beautiful, but it demands strong will and strict discipline. It teaches self-reflection, increases a student’s resilience, and enables both dancers and audiences to deeply feel life experiences, and it uses aesthetics to make us all a bit closer. I value all that dance has given me, and I consider it my mission to pass on this experience.


Miroslav Řečínský

For me, ballet is one of the highest forms of cultivated motion, one shaped by the centuries and still developing today. Motion and music in harmony have always fascinated me.
Ballet can wordlessly express so many interesting emotions, which are made much more expressive than one could imagine through the simple addition of motion.
Work with children and youth is extremely inspiring and satisfying. It is beautiful to instill them with an awareness of cultivated dance and of its past and present.

Bc. Monika Zemanová

What I personally like about ballet is its elegance, its purity, and its expression of beautiful emotions without the use of words. It is very important to me for young dancers to have the very best of conditions and a chance to develop further in an activity that they like. I want to provide children with a pleasant and friendly environment in which they feel happy and where motion will bring them joy. My goal is to create a group in which children will take mutual inspiration and one to which they will be happy to return.